The Panarcadian Federation of Canada was established in 1963, by then Arcadian associations operating in Canada participated in Panarcadian Federation of America.

Initiative, then, Stylianos Giouroukos, who lived in London and came from the village Garea, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada official map that allowed the establishment of the Canadian Arcadian Association (Canadian Arcadian Association). The name Panarcadian Federation Canada (Panarcadian Federation Of Canada) received on February 11, 1988 after approval, the request from the Ministry of Industry and Science of Canada.

The first three Arcadian clubs embraced the principles of the Central Archaeological Council and started to operate under the auspices were: Tripolis (London), Panarcadian Brotherhood (Montreal) and Theodoros Kolokotronis (Toronto).

Later in the potential of ET Canada joined other Arcadian clubs and days acne Federation their number amounted to thirty-five (35). Today there are thirteen clubs (13)
Significant was the contribution of the Federation in the establishment of the Arcadian village (1988-1994), in Repontina position Kynouria. Also, since its establishment until today has stand by Arcadia needs and Hellenism.

Today the Federation Board of Directors consists of:

President Stavros Katsoulis
First Vice President Nikolaos Mandas
Second Vice President Panagiotis Katsavelos
Treasurer George Athanassoulis A.
Second Treasurer Panagiotis Galanis
First Secretary Chris Papaoikonomou
Second Secretary Panagiotis Tragas
President of the Women’s Department Nota Iliopoulou

Text: Petros Sarantakis