The idea for the Pan Arcadian Federation began in the early 1960’s, which listed as its core values and ideas to unite all fellow compatriots who had emigrated to this distant yet welcoming country, Australia.

Arcadian Associations had already been established, however with the arrival of new immigrants this led to the creation of newer associations, whose representatives decided to establish the Pan Arcadian Federation in 1988, with the first elected President Mr. Lambros Langadinos who originated from Tourkoleka.

In order to promote and have all Arcadians share these core values and ideas, the administration is transferred every two years in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There are more than 20 associations which have joined the ranks of the Federation today.

The main aim of the Federation is to preserve and promote the cultural and historical traditions as well as our language through the the creation and support of social events, celebrations of historical and national anniversaries and other educational activities.

These above offerings of the Federation to their fellow compatriots in the community, their associations, to Greeks in general but also towards their homeland is admirable and selfless.

The current Administration of the Federation consists of the following:

President – Chris Tsimogiannis, Mavrogianni
Vice- President – Dimitris Alexopoulos, Levidi
Vice-President – Constantine Frangos, Mamaria
Secretary – Sotiris Megremis , Dara
Treasurer – Ilias Papandoniou, Steno

Text: Petros Sarantakis