The need to unite and coordinate the efforts of the various Arcadian associations in America led in the Spring of 1931 to the establishment of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America.

At the initiative of the Arcadian Society “Geros Tou Morea” of New York an interim organizing committee was founded and on July 27, 1931 the Constitution and By Laws of the Federation was submitted for approval.
Anestis Fanos from Langadia, Arcadia, the editor of the daily newspaper “Atlantis” published in New York, has been elected as the first president of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America.

Twenty years after its founding the Pan Arcadian Federation of America was the second largest secular Hellenic organization in America after AHEPA. The number of its chapter-members has grown at that time to more than 130. Today, more than 40 Arcadian societies from various states of the USA are members of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America.

The oldest Arcadian Federation during its 85 years of operation has contributed a lot to our motherland Arcadia, Greece and to the United States. The crown achievement of the P.F.A. was the building between 1949-1951 of the Pan Arcadian Hospital in Tripolis, a very important health center for Arcadia and the Peloponnese.
The Board of Directors of the PFA consists of:

Andreas Papantoniou (Chicago, IL) President, George Anastasopoulos (Salt Lake City, UT) 1st Vice President, Angeliki Vournas (New York, NY) 2nd Vice President, Tasos Giannikopoulos (Chicago, IL) 3rd Vice President, John Bournazos (San Diego, CA) Secretary, Kostas Lambrakis (Chicago, IL) Treasurer, George Reveliotis, Esq (Chicago, IL) Legal Advisor και Christina Manta (Los Angeles, CA) Youth Director.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees is George Sourounis.

Members of the Board of Trustees are: Demetris Filios and Dimitris Panagos (Eastern District), Tom Diamond και Andy Costas (Midwest District), James Rigopoulos και Nicholas Leles (Western District). Ex officio members are the two previous presidents Kostas Kapogianis and Angelo Potakis.
Governors are : John Vemis (Eastern District), Dr. John Sarantopoulos (Μidwest District) και George Booras (Wester District).
Chairman of the Pan Arcadian Hospital Committee is Demetris Filios, past President PFA and members are Apostolos Lagos, Ted Stamatopoulos and Athanasia Syrengelas.
The Auditing Committee is chaired by Christos Kostakis and members are George Xerakias and Kostas Kabylafkas.

Text: Petros Sarantakis