The WPC-UF constitutes the sequel of the non-profit organization “World Panarcadian Confederation” which was founded in Tripolis, July 1988, during the first World Convention of the Arcadians Abroad. In the elections held at the Convention, Evangelos Constantouros President of the Panarcadian Federation of America and a descendant from Sylimna, became the first President of the «World Panarcadian Confederation.
During the 8th Conference Proceedings of the “World Panarcadian Confederation” (July 25-31, 2014), the Body decided to change the name of the ‘World Panarcadian Confederation” to “World Panarcadian Council – United Federations” (WPC-UF)
The WPC – UF is constituted by the Panarcadian Federations of the America , Australia, Greece and Canada. It symbolizes the unity of the Arcadians all over the world. Its emblem and stamp is a drawing by Nicolaς Poussιn, “Pastoral Arcadians”, surrounded by the flags of the Member-Federations.


  1. The development, progress and upgrading of Arcadia and the Arcadians all over the world.
  2. The maintenance, diffusion, promotion and the transmission to the younger generations of Arcadians, in the diaspora, of the rich Hellenic cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Arcadia. In addition, the learning and maintenance of the Greek language, together with a love for the land of their ancestors.
  3. The strengthening and binding of the patriotic ties among Arcadians all over the world through the Panarcadian Federations and their Member-Associations.
  4. The preservation,, protection and promotion of the monuments and memorials of our cultural heritage (the Ancient-, the Romaic- the Byzantine-, post-Byzantine-, and later period monuments).
  5. The joint, active support and mobilization of the Arcadians all over the world, for the benefit of Arcadia and Greece, especially in the case of a national emergency.
  6. The protection of the natural and built environment.
  7. The propagation of voluntarism and solidarity.
  8. The promotion of educational and hospitality programs for young men and women, descendants of Arcadia, from the countries of the Hellenic diaspora to Arcadia and Greece – the lands of their progenitors.
  9.  The actions for the upgrading of the Panarcadian Hospital of Tripolis, which constitutes a significant work-benefaction of the Greeks of America.
  10.  The efforts for the utilization of the Arcadian Village, which is a project of the Greeks of America.

Vasileios Gianakakos, Teacher, President of Panarcadian Federation of Greece, Mesorahi, Athens
Constantinos Kapogiannis, Electronic Systems, Mechanical Engineer, President of the Panarcadian Federation of America, Kapsia, Los Angeles
General Secretary
Panos Anagnostopoulos, Electrician, General Secretary of the Panarcadian Federation of Greece, Spathari, Athens
Alexandros Pantoulis, Electronics, Megalopolis, Athens
Press Representative
Georgios Paschalias, Geopolitical Scientist, Chrysovitsi, Athens
Members of the Board
John Hilaris, Mechanical Engineer, Vice-President of the Panarcadian Federation of America, Leonidion, Chicago
Panagiotis Evangelou, Economist, Perdikovrysi, Chicago
Christos Tsimogiannis, Mechanic. President of the Panarcadian Federation of Australia, Mavrogianni, Sydney.
Demetrios Alexopoulos, Economics-Accounting, Vice-President of the Panarcadian Federation of Australia, Levidi, Melbourne
Constantinos Fragos, Electrician, Marmaria, Adelaide
Stavros Katsoulis, Teacher, President of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada, Saga, Toronto
Nikolaos Mantas, Economist, Vice-President of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada, Gavria, Toronto
Anastasios Papacostas, Restaurateur, Hotoussa, Montreal